DB Export Citrus beer with natural lemon juice for double refreshment.

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Off the beaten track and on the list of award winning brews.

Born in 2013

One of the most refreshing beers you will experience, DB Export Citrus delivers a clean, crisp taste of DB Export beer with natural lemon juice.  This sensational beer offers drinkers something completely different to anything they have tried before, and even took away a Grande Gold at the Monde Selection in 2014. 

Export quality lager mixed with natural lemon juice. 

Brewed using natural lemon juice and high quality DB Export lager, DB Export Citrus has a distinguishable cloudy appearance. With no additives and preservatives, and weighing in at an ABV of 2%, It may be the lightest member of the family, but it delivers flavour with a distinct punch you won’t find elsewhere. 

Naturally cloudy, aromatic, and extremely refreshing.

A beer for every occasion

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