The crisp,
clean full-bodied lager
with 80% less carbs*.

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Flowing non-stop since 1987

In 1960 Morton Coutts discovered the Holy Grail of beer, continuous fermentation.

A process that unlike batch-brewing, meant once the brewing started the beer literally never stopped flowing. The process was adopted by the rest of the World and the beer that flowed was DB Export Gold. Jump forward 27 years, and the younger brother, DB Export Gold is born with an ABV of 4%, which won a Gold medal at the 2014 Monde Selection awards, and continues to win awards around the globe.

A golden lager characterised by a pleasant, slightly fruity flavour with a clean, crisp finish.

Made using only the finest New Zealand hops, barley and pure spring water, it is perhaps New Zealand’s freshest and most refreshing beer. Export gold extra low carbs is best served ice cold to enhance its drinkability and refreshing flavours.

The bright, golden and well balanced lager that started it all.

A beer for every occasion

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From DB Export Gold to our latest brews, the family of DB Export beers means you can have a beer in your hand no matter the occassion.