DB Export's Top 5 Summer Bach Spots 

Don’t get caught up in the concrete jungle this summer. What you really need to be doing is packing the chilly bin, strapping the boards, loading up the boot and hitting the road.

We’ve thrown together our top 5 list of primo spots around the country to check out while the going is good, as well as a few pads for you and the team to crash at. 

1. Matapouri

If you’re looking for an all-rounder, Matapouri is your port of call. A beautiful Northland beach, some mellow waves, great fishing, and be sure to check out the mermaid pool (a massive rock pool you’ll have trouble diving to the bottom of). We’ve done the bach crawling and come up with this stunner.

2. Waikuku

The long stretch of Waikuku is perfect for land-sailing, and the breaks on the reef make for some bolshie surfing. Click here for some good lodging.

3. Coopers Beach

Far to the north and hidden away, Coopers Beach is about as picturesque as they come. Need a place to call home for a weekend? Look no further than here.

4. Wanaka

It doesn’t have to be snowing to get the best out of Queenstown, hit up this lakeside bach and get some adventure in you.

5. Raglan

A staple of the Kiwi summer, Raglan offers unparalleled summer vibes. Here’s a decent spot to stay.


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