We do our part, so you can keep doing yours

When it comes to beer, no one likes waste. Since day one we’ve strived to practice what we preach when it comes to looking after our own backyard. 

From the sustainable brewing practices we employ at our Waitemata Brewing site, to our partnership with LegaSea ensuring the future generations can enjoy everything we do, DB Export have been walking the talk since day one.

Here are some of the talks that we’ve been walking:

-    We source 90% of the ingredients used in the brewhouse locally. “Mmm tastes like economic growth” you might think as you raise a DB Export to your mouth. 
-    Over 92% of our wastage is recycled across the brewing site. That’s a very specific amount because we measured it, unlike when anyone in the world makes rice.
-    In 2014 we won the Sustainable 60 award for Strategy and Governance, after reducing our power usage by more than 16% since 2010. It took a little more than asking Jerry to remember his light switch over the weekend.

So, next time you get around a DB Export; don’t worry about the backyard. We’ve got it sorted. Note, we won’t actually clean up your backyard. Best get on to that.