Made with natural grapefruit juice for a refreshing bitterness.

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A whole new taste experience.

BORN IN 2014

Following the award winning DB Export Citrus in 2013, we pushed the boundaries even further and brewed the DB Export Citrus Grapefruit. We took our DB Export beer and blended it with an added splash of natural Grapefruit juice, complementing the refreshment with a hint of bitterness for a distinct twist. DB Export Citrus Grapefruit is a whole new taste experience.

No added preservatives, a naturally occurring cloudiness, and a refreshingly crisp finish.

DB Export Citrus Grapefruit blends quality DB Export beer with real grapefruit juice. Pop one open and let the pleasant aroma pull you in for a natural taste, perfect for sunny afternoons.

A splash of natural grapefruit juice brings out a hint of bitterness.

A beer for every occasion

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